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The world of casino games

The world of casino games is as wide and varied as the wonderful stretch that spreads from the dazzling lights of Vegas Casinos to the entangled realm of the Internet Casino matrix!

And while the seductive lights of the world’s gambling hotspots still lure players through their doors, it is the internet-based casinos that offer the largest selection of games, bonuses, promotions and rewards.

Internet casinos are also better geared at giving a bespoke service and dedicated experience to the player, with tailored bonuses and rewards that provide better chances of winning money online while playing preferred games.

Selection of Online Casino Games 

Online casino games are meant to be as diverse as the people who play them. And with so many different types of games on Scatters Casino, you are certainly going to feel spoilt for choice.

Once you sign up with Scatters Casino you might feel a little bit overwhelmed by all the different games on offer. So, which one should you choose to play?

Online Video Slots

Online Video Slots are so popular among casino aficionados of all ages and walks of life that they account for the vast majority of games offered by any online casino. Due to this fact, the choice among video slots can be really overwhelming, with scores of new games introduced every week to cater to players’ every fancy. 

Video Slot machine games have evolved so much in the last few years.

From the one-armed slot bandits which had three reels, to the cutting edge Megaways slots which can have as many as 117,649 winning possibilities.

Some of today’s slot games come with added possibilities, like the Bonus buy-in slots, where you can “buy” your way into a bonus round, and the Progressive Multiplier Games, which normally have a bonus feature that starts with a low multiplier of say, 1x, and increases as you win more money.

Casino Table Games

Casino table games are classics that will never fade out of style because people will always love to play them. Whether challenging a player or the dealer, table games spin the wheels of our imagination and inspire us to take a chance.

Among the top Table Games on Scatters Casino one finds Roulette and Craps. 


From among the top casino table games, roulette is absolutely the most unique. Players place bets on where a ball placed onto a spinning wheel will land. A pure game of chance, roulette is very easy to play and is played in land-based casinos in two variants: European and Amercian Roulette.


Craps is a dice game that made its way from London to New Orleans in 1807 and still gets loads of action around the world. Craps tables are usually surrounded by multiple players and spectators alike, making them one of the most exciting scenarios in any casino.

Casino Card Games

The first thing that many people think of when they picture the inside of a casino are the long rows of slot machines, simply because slots are by far the most popular casino games and they do tend to take up almost all of the space.

But, before any slots – or their ancestors, the one-armed bandits – made their way into casinos, card games were the main attraction of casinos. Card Games are also featured prominently in many old Western movies and blamed for intense firefights between the early settlers of the Americas. 

But how can card-games survive in this technological era?

From the fast-paced Blackjack to the slow-paged Texas Hold’em, card games are still loved by avid casino players. One must however admit that the impressive number of Poker variants has led to a Poker Frenzy that keeps card games interesting, especially with so many international poker tournaments organised across the world.

But poker isn’t the only famous Casino Card Game. 

Baccarat (Punto Banco), still proudly holds on to its reputation! Regarded as one of the most popular high-stakes casino table games, baccarat is often played in a room separate from the rest of the casino floor. 

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