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Classic casino table games

No matter how many new and revolutionary casino games are created – some of which parade the latest in tech advancements – the truth is that Classic Casino table games are here so stay.

It could be because they have been portrayed in some of the most exciting movies ever made, like Casablanca (1942), Diamonds are Forever (1971) and Casino Royale (2006).

But the real reason as to how Classic Casino Games have withstood the test of time is because the hype around them is truly emanating from the excitement they generate.


Early versions of “spin the wheel” (Roulette) are believed to have been developed in 18th century France, spreading across Europe in a very short time. When the game “arrived” in the United States, it was adapted for the type of dishonest play prevalent in the gambling dens of the “new” American territories of the time.

Compared to all the other table games, roulette is unquestionably the most unique. Players can place bets on where they think a ball placed onto a spinning wheel will land. Roulette is a pure game of chance; it is very easy to play and it is played in most brick and mortar casinos in two variants: European Roulette and American Roulette.

  • American Roulette has two zero segments [0 and 00] increasing the house odds, meaning that the European variant is more rewarding for players.
    • According to the American roulette rules, when the ball lands on one of the zeros, all outside bets (Odd, Even, Red, Black, High, Low) are lost completely.

  • European Roulette has every number from 0 to 36 on the wheel, with half red, half black and green for zero.
  • French Roulette rules state that when the ball lands on a zero (French roulette is usually played on a European wheel – which has only one “zero”), then all outside bets (Odd, Even, Red, Black, High, Low) are NOT LOST. Instead, one of the two following rules applies – so there are actually two variations:
    • En Prison rule: This translates to “in prison”. In this case, your money is not lost and your bet stays (“is jailed” so to speak) on the same outside bet for the next spin. If zero comes a second consecutive time you lose your bet. Otherwise the bet wins or loses as it would normally do.
    • La Partage rule: It means splitting. In this case you lose half your bet. The remaining half is returned to you and you can bet normally in the next spin.

Internet Roulette games come in many variations, like mini roulette and the “no zero roulette” (a Roulette Table without any zeros).


This game, which simply requires two pieces of dice to be played, made its way from London to New Orleans in 1807 and still gets plenty of action across the world. Casino craps tables are usually surrounded by many punters and spectators alike, making them one of the most exciting scenarios in any casino.

Craps is fast paced and full of lingo so it’s easy to learn and keep up with. Players take turns rolling the dice while the rest of the table bets on the result of the roll. There are various bets like ‘don’t bets’ that can be made against any shooter at the craps table.

Players may wager money against each other or the Casino Dealer bank.

Craps comes with a rich history and encodes a complicated code of etiquette that one must follow at brick and mortar casinos so as not to annoy any dealers.

Being free of the expectations of etiquette when playing online craps makes online casinos the best place to practice this exciting casino dice game.

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